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Over the years we have helped hundreds of people complete the West Highland Way, and as a result we have lots of happy customers. With over 5 years of experience, you cannot go wrong with our team. Check out what our customers are saying about The Highland Way!

“Paradise on foot”

I’ve now done this twice and each time it is an amazing experience. It’s not an easy week so if you believe vacations are for sitting on the beach or relaxing this isn’t for you.

I’m not a hiker, I hate walking up hills and I don’t go to the gym very often. I might walk more than the average American because I live in a city but in no way would I term my fitness level special and I didn’t really do any training. With this in mind, I have to say, the walk didn’t kill me. Slow and steady wins the race.

I have completed other long distance walks in Scotland including Spey side and Great glen so I know it’s a great way to really see Scotland. I wish the US would develop similar walking routes. Of all the walks I’ve accomplished, this is the best. It is more populated than the other trails and you really form a community with other walkers, sitting in the pub at night trading stories with them.

The other great feature of the Scottish walks, which is missing in any similar US-walking routes, is the support system including both baggage carry and accommodation booking services. This really makes the whole thing hassle free. You can carry your luggage with you but I’m not that tough. A warm bubble bath and dry clothes at the end of the day revitalises you for the following day as the Scottish weather, and the midges, can often test your resolve.

The scenery is what heaven must look like and the people are wonderful. It is 96 miles culminating in the best vacation ever.”

– Cindy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Hi Pat.
Thank you for everything you arranged for us.
We had a fantastic time the accommodation was brilliant, very comfortable and friendly! Of course the weather made the whole experience even better!
Thank you again Pat for all your help and support we will do the walk again for sure, as our daughter and some friends want to do it.
Sarah & Callum Morrison
Hi Pat.
The final stage of the Highland Challenge was completed with our climb up Ben Nevis. We even managed to get to eat our lunch in the metal box at the top despite not having a reservation….
Thanks for pulling everything together with so little notice we’ve had an excellent time with some very different overnights and lots of great atmospheric evenings to complement the great walking.
Good job there’s the Ben to do at the end for a proper finale though, as FW High St doesn’t quite cut it for a grand finale. Tourists tomorrow, off to Mallaig to see the Harry Potter viaduct.
Phil, Martine, Rory & Bradley

“It was reassuring that he cared for my safety”

I walked the West Highland Way for the first time this July. I didn’t know anything about the trail. I wanted to do the hike in 6 days (normally it’s done in 7 or 8 days). So, I arranged everything through the Highland Way. Pat, through his expertise, chose the destination for each day. I found the daily distance challenging but not impossible. I think if I walked it any slower, I would have been bored and if I walked it any faster, I would have died of exhaustion.

The accommodations that Pat arranged were very nice. I asked Pat the cheapest accommodations. Though they were the cheap, the bunkhouses had good beds, clean sheets, good food and hot shower—everything you could ask for or ever need. I didn’t bring a sleeping bag. So, for the nights that I needed one, he got one for me, which was very nice.
I also had a very special request. I wanted to bike the first part of the trail. So, Pat got me a bike and picked it up in the afternoon. It was very nice to have someone pick up the bike because it would have been a disaster if I had to carry my bike for the rest of the hike.

Also, it was very nice not having to carry my bag. The walk is long and tiring. So, if I had to carry my bag, I would have gotten tired way earlier into the hike. Pat also arranged bag delivery.

Every day Pat texted me and checked in to see how I was doing. It was reassuring that he cared for my safety and my well-being. I could always text me and ask him for an advice about the hike. On the second day, I asked him if I should attempt Ben Lomond, and he advised against it. I’m glad I listened to him because if I tried to hike Ben Lomond from Balmaha and finish the day at Beinglas Farm, that would have been very foolish.

The scenery is what heaven must look like and the people are wonderful. It is 96 miles culminating in the best vacation ever.”

– Eun Pyung Jeong