Hey Pat, I wasn’t sure how to post the review on your website so I am including it in the email. Again, I had a wonderful time on the West Highland Way. It was amazing!

I walked the West Highland Way for the first time this July. I didn’t know anything about the trail. I wanted to do the hike in 6 days (normally it’s done in 7 or 8 days). So, I arranged everything through the Highland Way. Pat, through his expertise, chose the destination for each day. I found the daily distance challenging but not impossible. I think if I walked it any slower, I would have been bored and if I walked it any faster, I would have died of exhaustion.

The accommodations that Pat arranged were very nice. I asked Pat the cheapest accommodations. Though they were the cheap, the bunkhouses had good beds, clean sheets, good food and hot shower—everything you could ask for or ever need. I didn’t bring a sleeping bag. So, for the nights that I needed one, he got one for me, which was very nice.

I also had a very special request. I wanted to bike the first part of the trail. So, Pat got me a bike and picked it up in the afternoon. It was very nice to have someone pick up the bike because it would have been a disaster if I had to carry my bike for the rest of the hike.

Also, it was very nice not having to carry my bag. The walk is long and tiring. So, if I had to carry my bag, I would have gotten tired way earlier into the hike. Pat also arranged bag delivery.

Everyday Pat texted me and checked in to see how I was doing. It was reassuring that he cared for my safety and my well-being. I could always text me and ask him for an advice about the hike. On the second day, I asked him if I should attempt Ben Lomond, and he advised against it. I’m glad I listened to him because if I tried to hike Ben Lomond from Balmaha and finish the day at Beinglas Farm, that would have been very foolish.

Eun Pyung Jeong

Bergen County Academies- AMST2013
200 Hackensack Ave,
Hackensack, NJ 07601